Monday, April 4, 2011


It's normal for us of being a K-Pop lover. Normal, LITERALLY. But, not for an adult, or people who are older than us. They think it's stupid. Only wasted a lots of moneys and times for something useless. Based on what I've investigates.

I love Korea, and wished to go there. To meet my lovely oppas. U-Kiss, SHINee, and B2ST. Stupid? Shattap. Better than Justin Bieber.

Guys, have you ever think that people in Malaysia can speaks Korea? I've been think about it recently. Yes there is. She's my idol and hope can meet her once in person.

Guess what, I can read hangul. But I can't understand what it means. My parents and friends think that was stupid. But, if you think positively, it is an advantage that no other people's can have. "Hey guys, I can speak THREE LANGUAGES. So, who's stupid now?"
Sorry for being geeky and talk about Korea all of sudden

thank you! :D

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